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Unlike other more traditional so called developed countries, Australia is raw, exciting and captures the imagination. For most visitors Australia is synonymous with gap years, backpacking and endless summers.

A place where the wilderness is still really wilderness, in the great Outback, where adventure is truly adventure and the hospitality is as vast as the horizons.


The scale of Australia is beyond boundaries, and every aspect of Australian life and culture reflects this. The friendly, and yet straightforward attitudes of the locals matches the last truly great outdoors.

A continent as vast as the U.S.A with a tenth of the population, a land where going to see your neighbour might be a 50 mile trip. Australia really does stretch the boundaries and the imagination.

Contemporary Australia

Australia has a wonderful contemporary culture, in vast contrast to its rugged landscape that is ancient.

Australia’s cities are modern metropolises, with thriving communities and youthful energy. Most of the vibrant towns and cities conform to outdoor lifestyles as befits the sunny welcoming climate.

Pavement cafe’s, harbourside restaurants, open-air markets, outdoor events and concerts are all to be found in places like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

The urban Australians endorse the stereotypical New World values of material self-improvement through hard work and hard play, with an easy-going vitality that many visitors find refreshing.


If you are really keen to explore the ancient history of Australia then perhaps a trip to the Northern Territory is highly advisable.
Experience the indigenous peoples of Australia, and immerse yourself in their culture by visiting them in their historical homes. The Aboriginal people, especially in central Australia have retained a traditional lifestyle, speaking their own languages and living by their ancient laws.

What to Do? Where to Go?

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